University Post: Sokoine University of Agriculture

Our most recent University that has confirmed to receive us is the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania!

Est. 1984

Motto: “Ardhi ni Hazina” (Land is treasure)

Chancellor: Hon. Joseph Sinde Warioba

Vice chancellor: Prof. Raphael Tihelwa Chibunda

Students: 7228

Vision: To be a leading University in the provision of quality knowledge and skills in agriculture and allied sciences.

Mission: To promote development in agriculture, natural resources and allied sectors through training, research and delivery of services.

Core values:
– Pursuit of excellence in service delivery
– Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
– Competitive orientation
– Integrity, transparency and accountability
– Results/Achievement oriented
– Diligence on duty
– Adaptive and responsive
– Freedom of thought and expression
– Gender sensitive
– Continuous learning

The university has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, which has the main aim of producing qualified and practically competent veterinarians who can contribute to the development of the animal industry, public health sector, biomedical research and improvement of living standards.

We are so excited to help them out and contribute towards their aim of producing quality veterinarians!

University Post: The University of Zimbabwe

We look forward to visit the University of Zimbabwe, situated in Harare, on our trip at the end of the year!

Est. 1955

Motto: Knowledge, Diligence, Integrity

Chancellor: Emmerson Mnangagwa (President of Zimbabwe)

Vice Chancellor: Professor Paul Mapfuno

Students: 20 399

Univeristy of Zimbabwe prayer:
Eternal and ever-blessed God, we offer Thee our worship and our praise. We worship Thee that Thou art the Lord and Giver of Life, the Creator and Sustainer of men.

We praise Thee for, that in every generation, Thou hast called men and women to high and noble enterprise and, calling them, Thou hast endowed them with the grace and strength necessary for the task. Look on us, we pray Thee, who are committed here to a mighty enterprise and grant us the assurance of the guidance of Thy Holy Spirit, giving us wisdom and courage and tenacity that we falter not in our design.

Core values:


The university has a Faculty of Veterinary Science, with three departments:
Preclinical Veterinary Science
Clinical Veterinary Science
Paraclinical Veterinary Science

We look forward to helping them expand their faculty greatly on our trip!

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University post: Makerere University in Kampala

One of the Universities we look forward to visiting is Makerere University in Uganda!

Est. 1922

Motto: We build for the future

Chancellor: Ezra Suruma

Vice Chancellor: Barnabas Nawangwe

Students: Over 35 000

Vision: To be the leading institution for academic excellence and innovations in Africa.

Mission: To provide innovative teaching, learning, research and services responsive to National and Global needs.

Core Values:

  • Allegiance to the Institution
  • Integrity
  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Openness to Diversity

This University has a College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity that we cannot wait to help improve on with our donated books and equipment!

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University Post: The University of Zambia

One of the Universities we are looking forward to help out is the University of Zambia, situated in Lusaka.

Est. 1966

Motto: Service and Excellence

Chancellor: Ngwira Lackson

Vice Chancellor: Luke Evuta Mumba

Students: 30 000

Vision: An Eminent University Driven by Pursuit of Knowledge, Innovation and Social Responsiveness.

Mission: To provide relevant, innovative and demand-driven higher education for socio-economic development.

Core values:

  • Academic Freedom
  • Accountability
  • Equity
  • Excellence
  • Green Environment
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

The university has a school of Veterinary Medicine that we aim to enrich with all the veterinary textbooks and equipment we possibly can!

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University Post: Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

One of the universities we will be visiting on our trip at the end of this year is Lilongwe University in Malawi.

Est. 2011

Motto: Knowledge, Innovation, Excellence

Chancellor: The president of the Republic of Malawi: Peter Mutharika

Vice Chancellor: Professor Mosses B. Kwapata

Students: Over 8000

Their vision is to “be a world class university.”

Their mission is to advance knowledge and produce relevant graduates with entrepreneurship skills for agricultural growth, food security, wealth creation and sustainable natural resources management, through teaching, training, research, outreach consultancy and sound management.

Under their Faculty of Agriculture, they have the degrees of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Biomedical Science.

We cannot wait to meet some of their students and enrich their library and skills lab on our trip!

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