Onderstepoort Open Day

Onderstepoort decided to host their annual Open Day on the fourth of March, and as part of it the faculty had each of the societies introduce themselves to prospective students and their families. Our ever-present chairman manned a crew of three to present a very successful station. As part of the day, the Vet Books for Africa team introduced themselves and the mission that we stand for to all of the prospective students, showing them what they could be part of one day at Onderstepoort. Hopefully a number of hearts were inspired by the cause. Along with information sessions, the team also sold the doughnuts and the personalized bracelets – both of which turned out to be massive hits. If you’d like to get you own VB4A bracelet, feel free to contact any one of the team members and they’ll get back to you with a perfectly fitted bracelet.


Wian and the rest of our crew manning the station at Open Day (click to enlarge)

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