Tabards support continues

We’re very please to announce that the partnership which started in 2014 between Tabard and Vet Books for Africa is set to continue into this trip as well. In 2014 Tabard very generously donated a large amount of their products to the Vet Books team to use on their trip up to Kenya. Despite the teams best efforts, they were unable to use all of the supplies that they had been given and so, in Malawi, they decided to distribute the additional mosquito repellent in a local village that they were staying in.

In most parts of South Africa mosquitoes are merely a nuisance which leave you with nothing more than a few itchy-bites, but further North in Africa, the deadly disease malaria is a real threat that citizens of tropical countries have to deal with on a daily basis. The Tabard mosquito repellent delivered to the above mentioned village went a long way in helping their struggle against malaria.

Following on from this episode, Tabard has pledged to donate another batch of products – both for the team and for distribution – for Vet Books for Africa to take with them. Additional to this, they’ve pledged a monetary donation to be used for petrol – a critical factor for the success of the trip.

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