Onderstepoort faculty book drive 2016

For any faculty staff, clinicians or students wishing to support our mission: If you have any academic veterinary text books that you haven’t used in a while and wish to donate them to a good cause we would love to get hold of them. Vet Books for Africa will be travelling through Africa on a six week trip during November and December 2016 and will be dropping off these academic books to various African veterinary faculties that need them.

These resources mean a great deal to the students at the faculties that receive them. Victor Toroitich, a student from the faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Nairobi, had the following to say in response to previous donations taken up by Vet Books for Africa:

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the donations you have made to our faculty. It has made us move a step higher in enhancing our knowledge. It also goes a long way in elevating the Veterinary profession in this part of the continent Africa. We say THANK YOU.!!”

Please see attached notice.


Vet Books for Africa book drive 2016

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