Avima and Vet Books- a Partnership in Heaven

It is with much ado that we present our largest sponsor to come on board this year: Avima.


Avima, which is a division of Ascendis health, is a company involved in the agricultural industry, especially pest and vector control. They play a vital role in maintaining food security and animal welfare of livestock within Southern Africa, through both their products and their research in and development of sustainable vector control programs.

After hearing about their involvement with various health organizations, such as WHO, UNICEF and Malaria Consortium to name a few, we decided to approach them and ask if they would be interesting in sponsoring us. We were absolutely blown away by their response. Their sponsorship if far and away the largest contribution we have received this year. Through their sponsorship we will be able to cover the remainder of our petrol costs, border fees, food and other supplies, as well as any ancillary costs which may pop up along the way. Their support is so massive that we have decided to make them our joint primary sponsor, along with Isuzu.

Not only have they decided to cover the majority of our trip, but they have pledged space on their transport trucks which travel all the way up to Kenya. This allows us to free up space in our Isuzu bakkies to carry even more supplies to the universities and charities we’ll be visiting. This partnership couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, as it allows us to now focus entirely on the gathering donations for the universities and charities which we’ll be visiting! We, as a team, would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Avima – you guys are allowing us to do some amazing things on our journey. Please check out their website at www.avima-sa.co.za to see all of the incredible things that they have been doing and how they’re ensuring that agriculture and public health remain robust within South Africa.

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