Owl Sanctuary

The Vet Books for Africa team visited Owl Rescue Centre on Saturday.

It was an amazing experience to learn about the great work Brendan and Danelle Murray are doing in rescuing owls all over South-Africa and the world. We were privileged to be able to talk to them about what conservation of our planet is truly about, including their approach to rehabilitation of their owls. To them, the Owls come first and it is amazing to meet such dedicated people.

We would like to thank them for their time and all the amazing work they are doing.

We would also like to thank each and every student, lecturer and staff member at Onderstepoort faculty of Veterinary Science, that contributed to the bottle collection drive. Without them this would not have been possible. These bottles will now be used for making Owl houses.

To learn more about the different projects at the Owl Rescue Centre please visit their facebook page or website:


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