Day 9-12

On day 9 we moved from the splendour of Zambia into Malawi. As we moved through the mountians in Zambia we were met by village after village. The colourful skirts worn by the women in the village seemed to be chosed by each one of them in particular, as the different patterns and bright colours matched the friendly faces. The hospitality at the university definitely confirmed this. We slept in the university residence and where truly blessed with wonderful meals. It was quiet seeing as most of the students have already gone home, but Prof. Melaku was extremely grateful for the books and could not wait to see each and every one of them. We then continued to WAG in the Thuma Forest Reserve. We moved into the mountians slipping and sliding, due the the roads being wet. Meeting the WAG team and seeing the forest was definitely a highlight. As we arrived we hiked into the rolling hills with the scouts that protect the elephants, forest and all the amazing wildlife that call Thuma home. The night we spent with the WAG team and was amazed by the endlest stories of restoring this forest to it’s previous splendor. We slept in traditional huts and were met by the rain in the morning, as we left for lake Malawi. Arriving at the lake the vast expance of water was truly enjoyed as the whole team took a moment to soak in every bit of its beauty before we enter Tanzania.