Day 17-19

Kenya, what a magnificent country! As we entered it, we could see the change of not only the country side, but also the people. People of the Masai tribes could be seen all along the road; walking between the villages and looking after their livestock. It seemed like we where transported to a different world. We saw different wildlife next to the main roads and could see how man and animal lives side by side. However, as we entered Nairobi we where quickly reminded of modern life. There where modern buildings and malls, with Africa still rooted within every aspect of it. We where blessed to spend one night in Nairobi with fellow South Africans. The hospitality was a true blessing and we enjoyed sharing stories of our trip and to hear all the amazing experiences they have had in Kenya. The next day we drove all the way to a tea farm in western Kenya. As the sun was setting on the last day of 2018 the green tea plantations turned to gold and we where ready to welcome a new year.