Day 25-27

As we spent two days next to Mt. Kenya, we had the opportunity to join the Lewa Conservancy team for a day. We where welcomed with open arms and, upon our arrival, informed that a Veterinarian was on his way to treat an injured rhino cow. We went off into the conservancy with the team and were amazed at how efficiently they all work together to protect these amazing animals. We could see that after years of conservation, each and every one took hands with their colleges, including the community to make sure these wonderful animals will be there for generations to come. As the KWS veterinarian said : “I would like my grandchildren to see rhinos.” The education, knowledge, research, conservation, efficency and kindness we have seen at Lewa has blown us away!

We enjoyed the last night at Naro Moru River Lodge and headed off for Nairobi. Staying at the Bosch family again was a true blessing. We shared some more stories and prepared ourselves for the university visit. Off to Nairobi University, Veterinary Campus! As the students and staff came together we could see how excited everyone was and how happy they where to have us there. We handed them the equipment and books then set off on a campus tour. The students where extremely happy to tell us all about their camus and country, while asking questions about South Africa. With each question we could see how much they want to learn. They set an example for us all.

The Vet Books for Africa team enjoyed a great time in Nairobi. We where also fortunate to see the amazing Girraffe Centre, where they focus on increasing the dwindling numbers of Rothschild Giraffes. We bid Nairobi farewell and move on to Amboseli to find the very elusive Kilimanjaro and Tim, one of the biggest known tusker in the world.