Day 27-30

Amboseli ! As we arrived at Kimana Campsite, Kilimanjaro was hidden behind a blanket of clouds. We immediately started making plans to find Tim. The next morning we woke up early awaiting the arrival of William and Ben, two Masai men that we met the previous night who where on the lookout for Tim. William arrived with news that Tim has been found! With our camera ready and excitement building, we set off to see him. As we spotted every elephant expecting it to be Tim, nothing prepared us for what we saw. He was absolutely magnificent! We followed Tim as he moved through the bush, grazing and taking a sand bath. He was calm and relaxed, his tusks graceously following gravity and curving just before they reach the ground. The Masai are very proud of the wildlife in the area and the make sure to protect it. We followed Ben to the local village were we where met with rain on arrival. As moved to one of the huts the lyrics we have been listening to during our trip was ringing in our ears; “bless the rain down in Africa”. The rain stopped and the tribe welcomed us with song and dance. We had the honour of meeting the chief, his people and warriors. They showed us their way of life and explained their history. We spent our last night driving around looking at different animals, including Bat-eared foxes. We ended off staring at the night sky, the stars shining brighter than ever.
The next morning we where woken with the news that Kili could be seen. We all dived out of our tents to be met by Kilimanjaro the highest mountian in Africa. It was a beautiful sight and we stared in awe the whole way as we drove to Tanzania.