Day 31-34

The University of Tanzania, Faculty of Veterinary Science, was in full swing when we arrived. We explored the campus under the beautiful mountain range that encapsulated us in a world of splendor. First we had the opportunity to meet some of the students, followed by some of the staff members. The students were very eager to speak to us and we had wonderful discussions about animal health, Veterinary Research and our travels. After meeting them for the presentation we went on to meet the lecturers and to officially hand over the books and equipment. Everyone was very excited as they went through the boxes and explained to us how the equipment and books will be put to good use. The staff showed us all their latest developments and labs, explaining the latest research as we went. The work they are doing truly inspired us; they are dedicated and constantly looking towards improving animal health.

After our visit we drove to Crocodile camp site where we spent the night. It was a beautiful setting, next to a river flowing though the mountains. The next day we drove to the Utengule Coffee farm to spend one night there. We enjoyed the familiar surroundings and a cup of coffee, before setting off to the hot springs the following day. Driving to the springs we entered an enchanted forest seeing different small farms with old European type buildings, wildlife and livestock. It was lush and the river flowing past the camp site was moving at a tremendous speed. No one could wait to get into the hot springs. As we moved down to the springs away from the campsite, everything calmed down to a serine storybook-like setting between the giant trees. The water was clear with white sand at the bottom. Steam rose from the water surface to disappear between the leaves above. Our feet sank into the sand, bubbles rising up as the water was overflowing from the ground below. With warm hearts, we recalled all the wondeful, blessed moments we have enjoyed and all the amazing people we have met along our way.