Day 35-38

Mixed emotions were felt on the morning of our last university visit. As we drove along the lawns past the buildings to the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Zambia, the excitement started to build. Our last visit was truly a wondeful ending. The students received us with open arms; excited to show us their wonderful faculty. There was a true sense of teamwork between the lecturers and students. They greeted and spoke to each other with an open mind and heart. It was a wonderful sight. The students could not wait so see the books and tell us about how they use their different teaching tools to further their own knowledge. We have to admit they are indivuduals that can make a plan. While we all waited for lunch together a quick game of Veterinary Cherades was organized and laughter echoed through the halls. Our visit also included everyone singing Happy birthday to Janco, we all joined in to celebrate his birthday in Zambian style.

We ended off our last visit on a high note and spend the night at Eureka camp site, surrounded by Girraffes, Zebras and a couple of house cats who decided to make new friends. The following morning we headed off to Livingstone, where we stayed at Livingstone Backpackers for two nights. We had an opportunity to have a day off and explore this wonderful town on the edge of the Zambezi River. On our day off our members experienced different aspects of the area. Some spent the day on the river, white river rafting. They took in the beauty first hand and could get a glimpse of how magnificently powerful the Victoria Falls are. Others explored the town, Vic falls from the Zambian side and the Livingstone Museum. The Museum showed different aspects of nature, animals and the people who call Zambia home. It was amazing to see all the different aspects and also to see the different aspects of Dr. Livingstone’s travels and especially the letters he wrote about his journey and experiences. His life is a truly amazing and exciting life. Making a difference and building friendships where ever he went. He will remain a prominent figure to learn from. It will remind us to truly make a difference where ever we go and to build long-lasting connections with the individuals we meet along the way.