Day 39-43

On day 39 we woke up early to view the Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side. We walked throught the border and started to get a glimpse of the falls as we went over the bridge. It was quiet and peaceful with a hint of the amazing view to come. We walked thought the trees and could hear the thundering noise of the water. As we saw the falls we where plummeted back to the time Livingstone first set eyes on it and could only imagine what a discovery it must havebeen. It was truly amazing to see the mass of water speeding to the edge and dropping into the valley below. We spent a couple of hours soaking in the splendor, while becoming soaking wet due to the water mist spray. It was difficult to leave the falls, but we needed to move on to our next destination. We then headed to the Zambia/Botswana border. Due to the current situation in Zimbabwe we needed to take a different route home. This disicion was made with a very heavy heart. However, we realised it was for the best.

The border was quite exciting as we needed to take a ferry across the river. Huge trucks were being hauled across. It was very interesting to see the skills of the officials, making sure we all crossed savely. In Botswana we slept at Chobe Safari Lodge on the first night. We had the privilege of experiencing the river first hand, while watching different animals enjoying the river. We also saw a herd of elephants come down to drink and bath in the river, as we all enjoyed the last bit of sunlight. The following day we headed to Chobe reserve, and spent the night at Ihaha Camp site. What a magnificent place! During the afternoon and morning we spent there some of the animals we saw there: lions feeding on an elephant carcass, a leopard enjoying and afternoon strole and nap in a tree, a honeybager carrying its pup across the road and too many elephants to count. We would have loved to stay longer, but one day, Chobe will see us again. We then headed to Elephant Sands, where we got up close and personal with a few elephants and enjoyed the sounds of Botswana’s night life before we headed for the border. We crossed into South Africa and were home after 41 days on the road! We spend our first night back in South Africa in Alldays enjoying a great evening of sharing stories of our trip. The following morning we headed back to Onderstepoort. We are back and ready to make sure this amazing outreach will continue for generations to come. What an experience, adventure and journey!