Partnership with Lessons in Conservation

We have some exciting news to share! We are forming a partnership with the NPO, Lessons in Conservation.

LiC educates children in rural communities through interactive lessons, activities and first hand wildlife experiences. They aim to create a connection between children and wildlife, and hope that those children will pass their knowledge to their peers and families, therefore creating a generation that grows to love and accept conservation in the natural world.

In December last year you would have seen that two of our committee members joined LiC’s “Beyond Borders” expedition where they taught over 100 children in a few isolated communities of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Eswatini.

This year two LiC members will be joining our 6 week journey up into Africa. We are excited to incorporate their conservation lessons at the rural schools and charities we plan on visiting. LiC will also share their mission of “Serving to Save” with the veterinary students we meet at the various African universities.

Together, Vet Books for Africa and Lessons in Conservation are going to make an even bigger impact in the lives of both animals and people by working towards “unlocking the true potential of conservation in Africa through the education of its people.”

We look forward to the impact they will help us make up in Africa!