World Veterinary Day 2020

According to the World Veterinary Association environmental, human and animal health are inextricably linked. Every veterinarian will know the truth of this and how important the concept of “one health” is.

Today is World Veterinary Day 2020, and the theme is so relevant: Environmental protection for improving animal and human health.

The American Veterinary Medical Association is spot on when they say that veterinarians play an integral role in human and environmental health, in addition to caring for animals.

Environmental protection is to protect the natural environment, to conserve natural resources and the existing natural habitats we have. It is also to reverse harmful trends and repair damage already done.

Environmental protection is something that needs to mean something to every one of us, as we all live on this beautiful planet and are well aware that we only have one such like it. Environmental protection is taking the responsibility of protecting our planet and all that is on it today to make sure that it is still there tomorrow.

Environmental protection invariably links with conservation if we think of the animals that inhabit our beautiful earth!

Vet Books for Africa is empowering veterinarians in Africa so they can be even better ambassadors of One Health. We want veterinarians up in Africa to look after wildlife, production and domestic animals to the best of their abilities. At the end of the day this is meaningful work, as it also improves the health of people!

On our trip we will be visiting conservation sanctuaries along the way and helping them in any way we can. We aim to make people aware about the work they are doing and encourage them to support them in their fight to conserve animals and the environment they live in.

We will also be visiting schools along the way where we plan to teach children about the benefits of looking after animals, of being aware of the importance of animals and how important it is to look after the habitat they live in. We will convey to them how we need to live as one with our animals, especially in times like these where wildlife trade and encroaching on the environment are realities in our world.

Environmental protection is a very broad field with many diverse aspects to it that affects the whole world, but we will make sure to do our part in promoting and advancing conservation in Africa to protect their animals. As it is directly linked to human and environmental health, we know that it is worth the fight and ends up making a very big difference in the world.

Happy World Veterinary Day 2020!