The EXPEDITION project interview #02

Vet Books for Africa has another wonderful opportunity to talk with the cool people of the EXPEDITION project tomorrow, on the 24th of August, at 1 pm EDT/5 pm GMT/ 7 pm CAT! Our awesome leader, Gerhard Gregory will be informing you what we have been up to behind the scenes in preparation for our trip.

To refresh your memory, the EXPEDITION project is an amazing organisation that was started back in 2011. They work to connect projects, communities, ideas and individuals with each other, to share their successes and even help them further with contacts, expertise and funding.

They are an amazing group that connects inspiring, sustainable projects with each other and with the resources they need, and it shares their stories with the world. Go and have a look at their website:

If you want to watch our interview tomorrow and have amazing access to other wildlife specialists and project videos, join their Facebook group: 

To ask live questions during the interview, follow this link:

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