Vet Books for Africa

“Vet students on a mission to uplift veterinary education in Africa!”

“Vet Books for Africa” is a truly unique, student run venture established in 1993, aimed at distributing textbooks and journals of veterinary interest to veterinary faculties in a number of African countries, where these commodities are needed. The project team consists of 8 veterinary students and the trip will be undertaken during October and November 2018.The team will be visiting the veterinary faculties of universities in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique (among others). Each one of the committee members is passionate about the cause and are firm believers that it is essential for those with resources to share and thus improve the knowledge of others.

Making this trip a reality is not an easy task. It takes two years of intense fund raising, planning and dedication to make it happen. The project is completely dependent on sponsorship and donations from various companies and institutions, and the itinerary is massive! We need the latest veterinary textbook and publications from international and local sources, 4×4 transportation, accommodation, fuel, food, visas, vaccinations and various other miscellaneous supplies.

These trips provide a unique opportunity for students to travel this mysterious continent, all while creating sustainable international relations between veterinary students.

Through our actions, we hope to promote education and conservation and to unite veterinary students of Africa in order to achieve the greatest goal one could desire: to preserve this world for generations to come!

Help us to make this project a reality by assisting us! It is a fantastic venture which can easily become a great success with your contribution!

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