2014 Committee

Mariaan van der Merwe Chairperson and Documents mariaanvdm90@gmail.com 079 356 4655
Theuns Laubscher Secretary and Routes (Vehicles) theuns.botha.laubscher@gmail.com 078 386 6942
Bradley Taylor Treasurer, Food and Medicine brad.torch.taylor@gmail.com

082 720 6224

Christiaan Blignaut Routes, Accommodation and Medicine christiaanblignaut@yahoo.com

078 217 4718

Moritz Huber Vehicles and Clothing moritz@bemoci.co.za

082 905 7608

Carine du Toit Books and Accommodation carine.dutoit@gmail.com

084 584 9700

Matthew Huckle Sponsorship and Fundraising matt2huckle@gmail.com 073 987 6835
Kelsey Skinner Sponsorship and Fundraising


082 773 2814

With the conclusion of the 2012 Vet Books for Africa trip and selection of the new committee for 2014 we, as the 8 new team members, begin our own two year journey as so many other committees have done before us. Over this time there is much to be done in order to raise adequate funds and acquire the needed equipment and materials that we will be delivering to each of the 6 countries we visit. Each of us on the 2014 committee are fully committed to the project and are extremely motivated to put in every needed bit of work and effort to make this project happen. The road will be tough and will require hours of phone calls, interviews, meetings and more but by accepting our position on the committee, we have all accepted the challenges ahead and are eager to meet them head on, to work through the tough times and celebrate the good ones and to make the 2014 Vet Books for Africa journey an amazing success

2014 Committee

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