Rare and Endangered Species Trust

The Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) is a non- profit organization that was founded in September of 2000.  The founder and current director, Maria Diekmann believes strongly that almost anything can be achieved if you can bring everyone concerned and interested into the process. Her original interest in the Cape Griffon, Gyps coprotheres, began while living on the family farm situated near the Waterberg Plateau cliffs. The interest of this organization started with this endangered vulture but has since spread to include the “Forgotten Five” began which has developed into the Forgotten 5 +1. (Cape Griffon Vulture, Dwarf Python, African Wild/Painted Dog, Cape/Ground Pangolin, Damara Dik Dik and Spotted Rubber Frog)  These animals represent biodiversity within the entire land ecosystem of Namibia, and it is the interest of this organization to protect and preserve these creatures..

Although we are not travelling through Namibia, the team has decided to support this charity nonetheless. We have gathered a number of books which will be delivered by our Namibian team member the next time she travels back.

Click on their logo below to visit their site and learn a bit more about them.


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