Charities en Route

Throughout Africa countries are on the rise, and something that we have realized is that the universities that so desperately needed our help with resources over the last two decades have reached a point in their development where book donations are not quite as essential as they were.

The Vet Books team considers this fantastic news, as it has allowed us to open up our space and resources to be devoted to other areas. Although the universities remain core to our vision (developing inter-varsity relations with other vet faculties is essential for the field in Africa), over the last few trips the Vet Books team has started to focus more and more on delivering supplies to animal related charities and organizations. We plan to expand aggressively on this during each trip and establish communications with a large variety of organizations. As we add more and more of these charities to our itinerary,  we will add them to our website under the charities tab.

Charities that we are planning to visit:

Vic Falls Wildlife Trust

Kayadzi Primary School

Ol Pejeta Conservanc

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust
Conservation South Luangwa