2020 Committee

The 2019/2020 Committee:

Gerhard Gregory – Chairperson and Universities

“I am privileged to be studying at an institute like Onderstepoort faculty of veterinary science and I believe that it is my responsibility to give back to people that are not in my position. Being a veterinary student I believe the vet books mission is the best way to plough back what I have been privileged enough to reap in my studies.”

Gerhard, May 2019

An-Marie van Deventer – Vice Chairperson and Books and Equipment

“The Vetbooks mission lies close to my heart because I love working with people and have a passion for education. I believe that the more privilliged we are the more we are obliged to give back to world. Through Vetbooks I believe we can truly make a difference in the education of our fellow vet students.”

An-Marie, May 2019

Xander van Eeden – Routes and Itinerary

“Vet Books for Africa’s vision is “Unlocking the true potential of conservation in Africa through the education of its people. One Health. One People.” I believe this is the key to saving our environment and therefore I want to do everything I can to help Vet Books achieve their mission.”

Xander, May 2019

Zandre Pretorius – Routes and Itinerary

“Vet Books for Africa provides the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the lives of both people and animals. As we are privileged to have already learnt so much in the Veterinary field, I feel that it is our responsibility to give back especially to those in need.”

Zandre, May 2019

Elizabeth Burchmore – Fundraising and Social Media

“I feel that as veterinarians not only do we have the opportunity to help animals but also the lives of people around us. And that this will have a great impact on conserving our environment and the animals that inhabit it. This feeling goes in conjunction with our Vet Books for Africa vision and I would like to play a role in making a difference by being part of something bigger than myself.”

Liz, May 2019

Juane Meyer – Charities and Website

“Vet Book’s mission lies terribly close to my heart. I feel that quality education is the best solution to break any poverty cycle in the best way. Being able to study Veterinary Sciences has been the biggest gift ever and my cup has been overflowing because of it. I’d like to truly give back as I’ve been given so much, and I believe Vet Books for Africa to be one of the coolest ways possible to do just that.”

Juane, May 2019

Lize-Mari Marais – Treasurer and Secretary 

“Vet Books saw the opportunity to reach out and help others by improving their knowledge, and knowledge is important. 
This is done by teaching others to be aware of nature and animals around them. This makes a big difference in the lives of others and is exactly what I want to do.”

Lize-Mari, May 2019

Pieter Bezuidenhout – Sponsorships and Media

“It is a privilege and a dream to study veterinary science, especially at a campus like Onderstepoort. What makes Vetbooks for Africa special to me is the fact that it gives me the opportunity to give to people sharing the same passion and dream, the resources needed to be the best veterinarians possible.”

Pieter, May 2019