Lessons in Conservation

We are very excited to have formed a partnership with Lessons in Conservation!

LiC has the beautiful mantra of serving to save. Their mission is: To create a long-lasting platform that raises awareness about conservation in rural communities.

They do this mainly via three ways:

  1. By educating children from underprivileged communities that have limited access to information. These children are taught basic ecological principles and the importance of conservation.
  2. By creating a connection between people and wildlife through first-hand engagement on educational excursions to reserves. This is done by taking the children on game drives.
  3. By raising money to fund FGASA courses for identified outstanding students. FGASA courses will enable these students to become qualified game rangers and and continuous employment. The learners receiving these bursaries are encouraged to return to LiC and teach the new generation in underprivileged areas. 

LiC identifies communities with youth that have the potential to be awakened. Thei passionate team then takes their lessons into these communities. LiC has created presentations which cover the following aspects of nature and conservation:

  • Nature Working Together
  • The Big Five
  • The Smaller Things
  • Employment Opportunities in Conservation

The lessons include the use of physical specimens (carcasses and preserved animals) and games to ensure that the information being portrayed is both practical and interactive.

What an amazing initiative! We look forward to sharing our journey with them.