About Vet Books for Africa

Vet Books for Africa

“Vet students on a mission to uplift veterinary education throughout Africa!”

“Vet Books for Africa” is a truly unique, student-run initiative that was established in 1993. The project aims to distribute veterinary text books, journals and other educational tools to veterinary faculties in a number of countries in southern and central Africa. The project team consists of 8 veterinary students, from the University of Pretoria’s Onderstepoort Faculty of Veterinary Science, undertaking a six week road trip during the November and December months to the selected countries of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Malawi.

Making this trip a reality is not an easy task. It takes two years of intense fundraising, planning and dedication. The project is completely dependent on sponsorship and donations from various companies and institutions, and the itinerary is massive! In addition to visiting the universities, Vet Books for Africa also volunteers resources and time to several charities not just en route, but also here at home in South Africa. We aim to visit at least one organisation in each country, ranging from animal rehabilitation centres, sanctuaries and community vet clinics to local communities and schools. It is our aim to provide each with as many vital resources as we are able to. Resources like medicine, school clothing and stationery, clothes and simply our time and knowledge, all of which are necessary for their continued operation and success.

We use our passion for animals to find a common grounding upon which special relationships between South Africa and countries in southern and central Africa can be formed. The veterinary profession is not always considered by all as a profession of importance to every country on every continent. The great work that many vets, vet nurses, vet technicians and others do for the improvement of the lives of animals and humans alike can easily be overlooked. Vet Books for Africa is our small attempt to globally represent the veterinary profession and the great people that are involved in it.

This project provides a unique opportunity for students to travel the mysterious African continent, all in the name of creating sustainable international relations between veterinary students. Through our actions, we hope to promote education and conservation and to unite veterinary students across Africa in order to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable world for animals and man alike, one that future generations can still enjoy!


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