Avima and Vet Books- a Partnership in Heaven

It is with much ado that we present our largest sponsor to come on board this year: Avima.


Avima, which is a division of Ascendis health, is a company involved in the agricultural industry, especially pest and vector control. They play a vital role in maintaining food security and animal welfare of livestock within Southern Africa, through both their products and their research in and development of sustainable vector control programs.

After hearing about their involvement with various health organizations, such as WHO, UNICEF and Malaria Consortium to name a few, we decided to approach them and ask if they would be interesting in sponsoring us. We were absolutely blown away by their response. Their sponsorship if far and away the largest contribution we have received this year. Through their sponsorship we will be able to cover the remainder of our petrol costs, border fees, food and other supplies, as well as any ancillary costs which may pop up along the way. Their support is so massive that we have decided to make them our joint primary sponsor, along with Isuzu.

Not only have they decided to cover the majority of our trip, but they have pledged space on their transport trucks which travel all the way up to Kenya. This allows us to free up space in our Isuzu bakkies to carry even more supplies to the universities and charities we’ll be visiting. This partnership couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, as it allows us to now focus entirely on the gathering donations for the universities and charities which we’ll be visiting! We, as a team, would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Avima – you guys are allowing us to do some amazing things on our journey. Please check out their website at www.avima-sa.co.za to see all of the incredible things that they have been doing and how they’re ensuring that agriculture and public health remain robust within South Africa.

Merrifield supports a past pupil

Every Year Merrifield Preparatory School and College in East London presents an award to a charity which they feel stands by their ethos and is making positive difference in the world. After hearing that one of their past pupils was involved in this years Vet Books for Africa trip, after much deliberation, they decided to present this award and it financial donation to Vet Books for Africa. We would like to, as the Vet Books team, thank you for your generosity. to learn a bit about this lovely school, follow this link to thier Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Merrifield-College-116778885039575/.

SAVA shows their support for SA vets yet again

The vet books team wants to make a massive thank you out to the South African Veterinary Association, and especially to the Young Members Group. Although the aim of the organization is to help guide new veterinarians in their first five years of professional life, the group has made an exception and has decided to help us eight vet students even before we qualify! We recommend that any young veterinarian or veterinary student check out and follow their page, as they can make a massive difference in smoothing the transition from Onderstepoort student to fully-fledged vet. You can read about them and find out how to become a member at https://www.facebook.com/SAVAyoungmembers/timeline.

Avimune joins us on our journey

Avimune, a specialist poultry veterinary service, has continued to show their commitment to our continent – not just within our borders, but also abroad. Following on from their visit to Congo Poultry near the small town of Maluku (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Avimune has decided to support Vet Books with finances for both fuel and accommodation. Their contribution will play a vital role in our trip, and we greatly appreciate their contribution to our cause. Check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Avimune/ to see all the things that they have been getting up to in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tabards support continues

We’re very please to announce that the partnership which started in 2014 between Tabard and Vet Books for Africa is set to continue into this trip as well. In 2014 Tabard very generously donated a large amount of their products to the Vet Books team to use on their trip up to Kenya. Despite the teams best efforts, they were unable to use all of the supplies that they had been given and so, in Malawi, they decided to distribute the additional mosquito repellent in a local village that they were staying in.

In most parts of South Africa mosquitoes are merely a nuisance which leave you with nothing more than a few itchy-bites, but further North in Africa, the deadly disease malaria is a real threat that citizens of tropical countries have to deal with on a daily basis. The Tabard mosquito repellent delivered to the above mentioned village went a long way in helping their struggle against malaria.

Following on from this episode, Tabard has pledged to donate another batch of products – both for the team and for distribution – for Vet Books for Africa to take with them. Additional to this, they’ve pledged a monetary donation to be used for petrol – a critical factor for the success of the trip.

Onderstepoort Open Day

Onderstepoort decided to host their annual Open Day on the fourth of March, and as part of it the faculty had each of the societies introduce themselves to prospective students and their families. Our ever-present chairman manned a crew of three to present a very successful station. As part of the day, the Vet Books for Africa team introduced themselves and the mission that we stand for to all of the prospective students, showing them what they could be part of one day at Onderstepoort. Hopefully a number of hearts were inspired by the cause. Along with information sessions, the team also sold the doughnuts and the personalized bracelets – both of which turned out to be massive hits. If you’d like to get you own VB4A bracelet, feel free to contact any one of the team members and they’ll get back to you with a perfectly fitted bracelet.


Wian and the rest of our crew manning the station at Open Day (click to enlarge)

A massive Thank You

The Vet Books team would like to say a massive thank to both the British Veterinary Association and the Wildlife Group of the South African Veterinary Association. Both groups donated a massive amount of books for us to take into Africa. The books from the British Veterinary Association were donated through their Book Aid Scheme, while the Wildlife Group donated their books directly after their Wildlife Convention which took place this last weekend. We would like to make special mention that both of these donations were instigated by the respective groups without our input or knowledge, which makes the donation that much more generous. A special thanks should also go out to Dr Jane Alexander, a small animal veterinarian from Winslow/Buckingham area, who very kindly brought the books donated by the BVA to South Africa.

And We’re Back!

After a very quiet year we’re finally back online!

Although there have been a few technological mishaps leading to this lengthily silence, all is well now and you can expect to receive some very interesting updates in the coming months.

First off, the new committee has of course been selected. These fantastic members can be viewed under the “About” tab, along with a bit of information about each of them. The previous committee obviously believed in a “Strength in Diversity” approach, as the new comm. has kept a balanced gender ratio while drawing members from as far away as Zimbabwe and Namibia. In keeping with the 2010 committee, we’ve even managed to nab another Portuguese student is the lovely shape of Jessica Jane Borrageiro, but please go and check out the new committee for yourself; they are some interesting characters involved and we shall we be updating you with some quirky facts about each of them.

Although the vet books site may have been under the horizon, the team has been hard at work since its first meeting, and we have some very exciting news to present:

Drum roll please… We have partnered with IVSA and Henry Schein to make this the most successful trip yet. Not only are these fantastic companies providing us with much need supplies to deliver to various charities throughout Africa, but they are also providing us with invaluable advertising to spread our fundraising footprint. Needless to say, we are very excited to be working with these organizations and we feel the coming trip will be something special indeed.

That’s it for now folks, but please stay tuned; we’ll soon have some more exciting news to deliver that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Day 8, South Zambia

Last night we got to experience one of the amazing, notorious sunsets Africa has to offer! We are currently camping along the Luangwa River in Zambia- and when we say along, we mean 50m from it. So when the elephants decide to come for a quick meal along the river bank within 5m of you, or the hyenas decide to play around just out of the light and out of sight, you’re reminded that this is a land we are definitely the visitors in. This amazing experience would not be possible if it weren’t for the great generosity of Wildlife Camp, South Luangwa, Zambia who has allowed us the opportunity to stay here free of charge! We are definitely going to forever appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for your support! We have also made our delivery to Anna and Steve at Chipembele Wildlife Trust and are really in awe of the amazing work they do here and how they strive to promote conservation of wildlife! Tomorrow we will offer some extra hands at Chipembele with some cleaning and repairs, a small but we hope meaningful contribution 🙂 Really looking forward to the rest of the trip…it will only get better from here!
We’d also like to say a quick good luck/well done to our 94.7 riders who raced today! We hope it was a good one and want to once again say thank for your support!
Stay tuned for more updates 🙂