Onderstepoort Open Day

Onderstepoort decided to host their annual Open Day on the fourth of March, and as part of it the faculty had each of the societies introduce themselves to prospective students and their families. Our ever-present chairman manned a crew of three to present a very successful station. As part of the day, the Vet Books for Africa team introduced themselves and the mission that we stand for to all of the prospective students, showing them what they could be part of one day at Onderstepoort. Hopefully a number of hearts were inspired by the cause. Along with information sessions, the team also sold the doughnuts and the personalized bracelets – both of which turned out to be massive hits. If you’d like to get you own VB4A bracelet, feel free to contact any one of the team members and they’ll get back to you with a perfectly fitted bracelet.


Wian and the rest of our crew manning the station at Open Day (click to enlarge)

A massive Thank You

The Vet Books team would like to say a massive thank to both the British Veterinary Association and the Wildlife Group of the South African Veterinary Association. Both groups donated a massive amount of books for us to take into Africa. The books from the British Veterinary Association were donated through their Book Aid Scheme, while the Wildlife Group donated their books directly after their Wildlife Convention which took place this last weekend. We would like to make special mention that both of these donations were instigated by the respective groups without our input or knowledge, which makes the donation that much more generous. A special thanks should also go out to Dr Jane Alexander, a small animal veterinarian from Winslow/Buckingham area, who very kindly brought the books donated by the BVA to South Africa.

And We’re Back!

After a very quiet year we’re finally back online!

Although there have been a few technological mishaps leading to this lengthily silence, all is well now and you can expect to receive some very interesting updates in the coming months.

First off, the new committee has of course been selected. These fantastic members can be viewed under the “About” tab, along with a bit of information about each of them. The previous committee obviously believed in a “Strength in Diversity” approach, as the new comm. has kept a balanced gender ratio while drawing members from as far away as Zimbabwe and Namibia. In keeping with the 2010 committee, we’ve even managed to nab another Portuguese student is the lovely shape of Jessica Jane Borrageiro, but please go and check out the new committee for yourself; they are some interesting characters involved and we shall we be updating you with some quirky facts about each of them.

Although the vet books site may have been under the horizon, the team has been hard at work since its first meeting, and we have some very exciting news to present:

Drum roll please… We have partnered with IVSA and Henry Schein to make this the most successful trip yet. Not only are these fantastic companies providing us with much need supplies to deliver to various charities throughout Africa, but they are also providing us with invaluable advertising to spread our fundraising footprint. Needless to say, we are very excited to be working with these organizations and we feel the coming trip will be something special indeed.

That’s it for now folks, but please stay tuned; we’ll soon have some more exciting news to deliver that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The End of Our 2014 Journey

Hello our Vet Books fans! So our 39 day adventure came to an end early on Thursday morning when we finally drove through the green gates of OP. With over 12 000km of distance travelled, what can we say that will sum up the wonderful journey that we undertook? There are no words to fully describe our experience through Africa. The people we met, friends we made and memories we have brought home are ones that will stay with us all for many years to come. Our contribution, as small as it may possibly be, is one we hope has helped improve the veterinary profession and international relationships between our country and those countries of the faculties we visited. We are also very grateful and blessed to have been given the opportunity to contribute our bit of effort to improving the quality of humans and animals alike throughout Southern and Central Africa. Our time on the road has taught us many things and the mission we set out to achieve, was done so successfully and has gotten us all very eager to get our qualifications at veterinary doctors, so that we may go out into the world and be able to act on all the plans and ideas we hope that this trip has set in motion. There are so many people to thank that the list would be endless, so to sum it up into a more manageable form we would like to just briefly say thank you to all our sponsors who’s support and investment made this trip possible and successful. We must especially say thank you to Isuzu South Africa for their continuing support of the Vet Books Initiative and for providing us with our two trusty steeds, Patience and Suzie, who got us safely home 🙂 Thank you to all the campsites, lodges, friends and families throughout our trip who gave us a roof to sleep under or a garden to camp in; thank you to our friends and families who’s continuous support gave us the drive to reach our goals, even when we were struggling and disheartened. Thank you to all the faculties who welcomed us into their countries and universities with open arms and the aspirations to really promote positive international relationships- we all look forward to working with you all again one day. Thank you to you all, our followers, for your support and encouragement throughout our term on the committee. And finally thank you Africa for providing us with the chance to experience your beauty, your cultures, your people, and all your potential. We all hope that we can return to the places we visited as well as experience new areas, in the aim of promoting the lives and conditions of animals and man for a better future for everyone. Have a look through our photos of our venture and keep following this page. We’re not done just yet 😉 Have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year! The Vet Books for Africa Team 🙂

One month down!

Good evening followers 🙂 Today we had an amazing visit to the Lilongwe SPCA here in the Malawi capital, where we delivered the goods kindly donated to us to in turn donate to them, including bowls, blankets, toys and hospital equipment! A big thank you again to the OP Staff members who contributed as well as Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa We would also like to say a very big thank you to Bongo Camping, a community run campsite that makes use of tourism to better their community lifestyle by offering amazing accommodation. They very kindly gave us free accommodation for our last night in Tanzania. We donated several items of clothing that can be distributed to community members. Thank you must also be said to Chitimba Camp for allowing us to stay at your wonderful campsite for free both on our way up to Nairobi and now on our way down to Maputo. Our time there was just as great as the first time and we not only supported the locals by providing business and clothing, but thanks to another one of our sponsors Tabard we were able also provide them with some much needed anti-mosquito protection! We would also really like to thank Charmaine Huckle for sponsoring our accommodation and meals last night at Fish Eagle Bay 🙂 So with all our official thank you’s said, we would also like to say one more thank you to all of you for your continuous support and for following and liking posts of our journey. Without you all this project wouldn’t have grown and progressed to where it is now so thank you, our loyal supporrters 😉 We make our way into Mozambique on the 12th, where we will make our way to the University for our final book handover and stop before we make the final journey home. Keep following for our next update 🙂


Hello fans! We have arrived safely in Arusha, Arusha Backpackers Tanzania, after a very long and exhausting 15hr journey today! Our guys are definitely becoming expert tyre mechanics…after Suzie decided to add her 2 cents worth of car and wheel trouble. But as is expected, they saved the day and after a good 3 hour delay we were back on the road and once again on schedule. To even lift our spirits after the long day, Tanzania decided to offer us the amazing glimpse of Mt Kilimanjaro and yet another beautiful Africa sunset 🙂 The handover at Soikoine University, Morogoro yesterday was very successful and we were shown around the entire faculty by our friendly student leader, Emmanuel! Yet more great relationships were created as well as the idea for the possibility of a future Tanzania- South Africa veterinary exchange programme 🙂 We are very grateful to the University for hosting us and for welcoming us with big smiles! Sante sana! 🙂 Tomorrow we will cross into Kenya and head through to Nairobi for our next University visit and community clinic with Roots and Shoots. Our time in Tanzania has been amazing and we look forward to our next visit on our way back home.
Stay tuned for the next update 🙂

The journey so far!

Helloooo everyone! We apologise for being so quiet the last few days, we have had absolutely no access to internet since we left Zambia! Our first passage through Malawi was truly amazing and we all actively got involved in the local culture around us, from the thrilling experience of bartering of goods, enjoying the local cuisine and of course playing some soccer with the locals! We all met some amazing people and left Chitimba Camp with lots of new friends made! We are really looking forward to our visit there again on our way back down 🙂 We are now safe and sound in Tanzania at our second campsite in the country now, The Old Farmhouse. This country is absolutely beautiful and full of life! Tomorrow we will make our way to the university where we will spend 2 nights with them before making our way into Kenya. The road so far has been great and Patience and Suzie are keeping us safe and on schedule (thank you Isuzu) 🙂 We will update on the trip again as soon as we can, but for now here are some photos of the last few days of our journey North 🙂

Day 8, South Zambia

Last night we got to experience one of the amazing, notorious sunsets Africa has to offer! We are currently camping along the Luangwa River in Zambia- and when we say along, we mean 50m from it. So when the elephants decide to come for a quick meal along the river bank within 5m of you, or the hyenas decide to play around just out of the light and out of sight, you’re reminded that this is a land we are definitely the visitors in. This amazing experience would not be possible if it weren’t for the great generosity of Wildlife Camp, South Luangwa, Zambia who has allowed us the opportunity to stay here free of charge! We are definitely going to forever appreciate the opportunity. Thank you for your support! We have also made our delivery to Anna and Steve at Chipembele Wildlife Trust and are really in awe of the amazing work they do here and how they strive to promote conservation of wildlife! Tomorrow we will offer some extra hands at Chipembele with some cleaning and repairs, a small but we hope meaningful contribution 🙂 Really looking forward to the rest of the trip…it will only get better from here!
We’d also like to say a quick good luck/well done to our 94.7 riders who raced today! We hope it was a good one and want to once again say thank for your support!
Stay tuned for more updates 🙂